Arby’s Value Menu May Be Replaced by Snack n’ Save Menu

Arby's Menu OfferingsArby’s is a fast food restaurant with a strong brand that has survived many changes and challenges through the years. Arby’s has been experimenting with a new Snack n’ Save menu in particular markets, and rumors abound that it will replace the current Value Menu.

Most quick-service chains have been scrambling to try to hit the consumer sweet spot and produce healthier profits. Arby’s claims that its market testing of the Snack n’ Save menu is to gauge if it will meet the demands of snack-happy customers looking to add a side to full menu items or to find a quick bite for a small price.

The Snack n’ Save menu is set to offer completely new menu items combined with popular Value Meal items to appeal to a broader customer base. For instance, both the Value Menu and the Snack n’ Save menu offer the Jr. Roast Beef for $1.

Arby’s Highlights

Arby’s was founded by the Raffel Brothers in Ohio in 1964 as an alternative to typical fast-food burger joints—a niche that Arby’s still fills. Currently, there is an Arby’s restaurant—3,400 in all—in every state but Rhode Island and Vermont, and four countries outside the U.S. The ten-gallon cowboy hat that is incorporated into the company’s logo denotes the Texas-inspired taste of many of the menu offerings.

From Day One, Arby’s offered roast beef sandwiches, a menu item that is firmly part of their brand image. According to the Arby’s official website, they hand slice their roast beef daily. They offer an array of roast beef sandwiches, from melts to barbeque to French Dip & Swiss.

Additional menu items that are the mainstay of Arby’s brand include seasoned curly fries, Arby’s BBQ sauce, and Horsey Sauce—a horseradish-based sauce with a bit of a kick. Arby’s has also expanded out to offer Market Fresh chopped salads, turkey and chicken sandwiches, wraps, and Ultimate Angus sandwiches on a sub roll.

According to its website, Arby’s has led many industry firsts. Beyond offering a menu devoid of burgers, Arby’s was the first to offer a complete Lite menu and to ban smoking in corporate-owned restaurants.

Current Value Menu

According to Daily Finance,  Arby’s introduced its Value Menu in the first half of 2010, in response to a tough economy and poor sales; many fast-food chains were in the same boat. Items on the Value Menu are all $1 and franchise locations may offer different menu items.

The current Value Menu offers three sandwiches with the Jr. Roast Beef, Jr. Chicken, and Jr. Ham and Cheddar sandwiches; the Jr. Deluxe is offered on the Value Menu for a limited time. Most Value Menu items have a full-sized version on the main menu.

The Value Menu also includes three sides with Value Curly Fries, Value Homestyle Fries, and apples. To round out the Value Menu, there are also three Value Shakes, a Value Soft Drink, and three Turnover varieties.

Snack n’ Save Menu Details

It seems as if Arby’s considers its Value Menu as too much of a downsized version of their full menu, according to quotes from Arby’s senior vice president of brand advertising and marketing, Bob Kraut, on Nation’s Restaurant News. Kraut indicated that the purpose of the new Snack n’ Save menu was to keep customers from choosing a cheaper, smaller version of a full-meal menu item like they probably do with the current Value Menu.

The new Snack n’ Save menu has been in testing since late 2012 in 13 different markets. Arby’s approach to the items on the new Snack n’ Save menu is to offer unique items that are appealing and will complement—not compete with—current menu items. Prices range from $1 to $3, to continue to offer something to those customers who are not looking to spend a whole lot.

The menu offers a Jr. Roast Beef for $1 and Mighty Minis for $2.69, according to NRN. Mighty Minis are Arby’s answer to sliders—or mini burgers—offered by competitors. The Mighty Minis come in a two-pack in either roast beef or roast turkey, with a choice of original, spicy, or crispy onion flavors. The spicy Mighty Minis feature a combination of additional pepper jack cheese and red jalapeño ranch sauce, while the crispy onion Mighty Minis feature au jus spread and crispy onion strings.

Additional Snack n’ Save menu items released by Arby’s include Mozzarella Sticks for $2.89, a Load Baked Potato with chives and sour cream for $1.49, and the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake for 1.99. Kraut maintained in the NRN article that only about a quarter of the Snack n’ Save menu items compete with the full menu, meaning most of the Snack n’ Save menu items are new additions beyond roast beef sandwiches covered with melted cheese.

Only time will tell if the Snack n’ Save menu will be a hit with Arby’s customers.

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