Burger King Offers 55 Cent Whopper Deal

Throughout the country, Burger King restaurants are celebrating the chain’s biggest seller’s 55th anniversary. The Whopper remains the King’s most beloved menu item, and as part of the ongoing festivities for its birthday, Burger King is offering a whopper of a discount on it. Between Dec. 6 and Dec. 9, stop in and get an Original Whopper for 55 cents with the purchase of any other Whopper at its regular price. It’s perfect timing for holiday shoppers and anyone who craves the flame-broiled taste on which the burger chain has built its reputation.

Earlier in the month, Burger King announced a couple of special Whoppers and retro wrappers to celebrate the burger’s big anniversary. The Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper graces the flame-broiled patty with hardwood-smoked bacon, red onions and Wisconsin cheddar in addition to the usual fresh tomatoes and lettuce. The Angry Whopper brings the heat with melted habanero pepper cheese, spicy fried onion petals, and Angry Sauce with jalapeno slices in place of pickles. Partner the new burgers with the sweet potato fries that Burger King’s also released for a limited time, or opt for the traditional crisp Idaho potato fries as the perfect Whopper pairing.

These limited-time-only specials aren’t eligible for the discount price, but they do count toward the special promotion offer. It’s an excellent way to sample a new Whopper concept while enjoying the original big burger at its little price.

Food historians and Whopper fans might be interested to know that the original Whopper cost 37 cents when it first appeared in 1957. The weekend-long promotional price looks like even more of a bargain when compared with how prices of other things have changed since then. If Cadillac decided to do a similar promotion, it would sell its top of the line products for about $13,000.

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