Burger King Tries Out New Delivery Service

Burger King SignBurger King was founded in 1953, in Jacksonville, Florida, with a focus on the idea of providing a flame-broiled burger in a fast food setting. The chain had grown to some local renown by the 1960s, when it was purchased by the Pillsbury Corporation. It continued to expand and, today, the restaurant serves more than 11 million customers daily, at locations around the world.

In an attempt to attract a greater range of customers, and to stay on the leading edge, Burger King has started offering delivery services out of a few pilot locations. This is the first major fast food burger chain to offer delivery service, and it could change the face of both the fast food burger joint, and restaurant delivery services in the long term, if Burger King meets with success.

The Delivery Service Experience

I was not sure when I first heard that Burger King was adding a delivery service that I would ever have the overwhelming desire to have burgers delivered to my door. It seemed utterly ridiculous when my local Burger King, and my local Casey’s gas station, both hung “delivery driver needed” signs in their window in the same week.

However, it took only a few weeks for an occasion to arise, and my opinion to change. The last day of school we had an organized playdate for my children and godchildren, and it didn’t take long for us to realize we were outnumbered.

With just three adults and 10 children, we rapidly decided that delivery would be easier than takeout, but getting 10 children to settle on just two or three pizza flavors can be a nightmare, so we decided to give Burger King’s new delivery service a chance to save us.

The food arrived at our door in a little over 15 minutes, and every meal was complete and still pleasantly warm. Additionally, unlike dine-in or drive-thru, we did not have to worry about the French fries being too hot for the small children.

I expected the delivery charge to be quite expensive, because we had ordered so much food. Most delivery services, after all, base their delivery charge on a percentage of the bill for the delivered food. Burger King, however, charged a flat $2 fee, making it extremely affordable, even for our party of 13.

Apparently, the company imposes a $10 minimum purchase for all delivery orders, however, which may make the service inappropriate for individuals ordering a single meal. I would counter, however, that most people should be able to get themselves to the drive-thru if they’re not planning to spend that much or, conversely, save the extra money on gas and just apply it to your purchase to hit that $10 minimum.

The Delivery Deals Menu Offers Great Options

We ordered off of the Delivery Deals Menu, which was designed to offer great deals to parties, with a large amount of food. These meal deals are only available to those that order online through the delivery website system, and have the food delivered to their location.

The website system gives delivery customers access to not only delivery deals, but also the full Burger King menu. It also has a calorie counter designed to help delivery customers locate and order foods that are diet safe.

I ordered the 10 cheeseburger and 20 chicken nugget deal for just $17. We then added a few small fries, and opted to make Kool Aid and tea rather than order drinks. Had we ordered drinks, however, the delivery website confirmed that they would have been served in plastic bottles, with 20-ounce servings made available for most major Coke soda flavors.

The food was satisfying, and lived up to Burger King’s highest standards. The fries and chicken nuggets were crisp and the burgers were well done. I enjoyed by the meal’s simplicity, and the fact that it had a relatively low final price tag, despite its convenience.

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