Chipotle Debuts the Patron Margarita

Patron MargaritaIn time for hot summer days, Chipotle has begun to debut their new Patron margarita. This cold treat is available at any of the Chipotle restaurants that carry a liquor license, which many do. Chipotle is one of the few fast casual restaurants that offer alcoholic beverages. They are a great addition to the restaurant’s other flavorful and healthy menu options.

Chipotle started in Denver, Colorado in 1993 with a goal of serving delicious, high-quality food in a fast atmosphere. Their idea was so popular that it has since expanded to 900 restaurants across the country. While offering good food and beverages such as the Patron margarita, Chipotle also gives diners a chance to have a fun dining experience in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Chipotle Quality and Integrity

When Chipotle first opened its doors, it strove to serve fresh, high quality ingredients. Over the last 20 years Chipotle has worked to serve food that is sustainably raised while providing great nutrition and great taste, all at a great value.

The meat that is served comes from animals that were raised without added hormones or antibiotics. When possible, they buy organic produce from local sources. Even when larger distributors are used, Chipotle does what it can to make sure that the workers are treated with respect and dignity.

The care with which Chipotle chooses its food ingredients continues on with the cooking process. Although the restaurant is a fast casual restaurant, much of their food-making process is not fast. They take no shortcuts and use classic culinary techniques to make sure that the end product tastes great.

Their guacamole is made with all fresh ingredients and mashed by hand. Their carnitas are made with fresh ingredients as well and braised for hours and hours, as is their barbacoa.

Patron Margarita Flavor

Although Chipotle has offered a margarita on its menu in the past, the Patron margarita is a new upper-shelf selection. It is served on the rocks and made with Patron Silver tequila, triple sec, fresh lemon and lime juices, sweetened organic agave nectar, and a fresh-squeezed lime garnish.

Unlike the regular margarita that is offered, the Patron margarita is not pre-made. It was made fresh to order while I waited, taking only a couple of minutes.

I have to admit that I am a bit of a margarita snob. Most of them are too sweet and lack a depth of flavor. I have had the regular margarita from Chipotle and was not that impressed. The Patron margarita, however, was a refreshing treat.

The addition of triple sec to the margarita helped to balance the flavors and give the margarita depth, while the Patron tequila added smoothness. The margarita had some tartness from the fresh citrus juices, which blended nicely with the agave. The result was a margarita that was not too sweet and not too sour. It was a perfect cold drink on a hot day.

Chipotle Dining Experience

Choosing the ingredients for your burrito, taco, or salad is an experience within itself, with a variety of items to add and mix. Add chips and guacamole or salsa and you have a full meal. Finding a Chipotle with a liquor license also allows you to have a little more fun during your dining experience.

Chipotle offers additional alcoholic beverages on its menu if you or your dining companions do not care for a margarita. If you would like a margarita but don’t want to pay $6.95 for the Patron margarita, they do still offer their pre-made Sauza margarita for $4.50.

They also offer bottled beers. Domestic bottles such as Coors Light are $3.50 and imported Mexican varieties such as Corona, Corona Light, Modelo, and Dos Equis are $4.00. Chipotle also offers a variety of non-alcoholic beverages from which to choose.

Even the dining room at Chipotle is fun. While enjoying my Patron margarita and meal, there was modern exotic music playing that made me feel like I was on a beach vacation. If you are looking for a good quality, tasty meal for not a lot of money, check out Chipotle. While there, reward yourself and try one of their new Patron margaritas.

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