Famous Bakeries in NYC

Whether you’re looking for dessert or bread, cookies or pastries, few cities can rival New York City for its excellent bakeries. Many of these bakeries have become well known across the country, and some of our favorites include:

Falai Panetteria has the best cornetti in Manhattan, which is similar to a croissant but less buttery. Some of their remarkable pastries include a vanilla cream or dark rum cannolo, pear chocolate turnover, apple cinnamon turnover, and lemon sfogiatella. They have sublime desserts; including a flourless chocolate cake, ricotta tartlet, and almond banana cake.

Doughnut Plant offers delicious, old-fashioned donuts in non-traditional flavors, including cookie dough, coconut crème, and peanut butter and jelly, and carrot cake. Even their classic vanilla glaze is outstanding.

Levain Bakery specializes in chocolate desserts, much of which can also be shipped across the country. Try their chocolate peanut butter cookies, banana chocolate chip bread, and chocolate brioche. They also make fresh sandwiches and breads.

Soutine makes New York’s best tarts: cherry, fruit, apple, or pear. They bake a variety of pies, pastries and cakes, and their seasonal holiday treats are available for Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. Full-size and mini cakes and tarts are available. François Payard Bakery is an outstanding French pastry shop, specializing in croissants, eclairs, and macaroons. Their chocolate sauce is a must-try for any chocolote lover. They also have fresh sandwiches for a casual lunch, and their cookies and chocolates can be ordered online.


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