Firehouse Subs’ Firehouse Meatball

Single Dish of MeatballsIf you are in the mood for a hot sandwich, check out the Firehouse Meatball sub from Firehouse Subs. This is just one of the subs offered at Firehouse Subs, which is a quick sandwich shop started by firemen.

Firehouse Subs offers both hot and cold submarine sandwiches as well as salads. It is a franchise restaurant that also gets involved with the communities it serves. The Firehouse Meatball is one of its signature subs.

Story of Firehouse Subs 

Firehouse Subs was started in 1994 by two brothers. The brothers came from a family of firefighters who were also entrepreneurs. The sub shop quickly grew and now has more than 700 franchised restaurants in 36 states and even Puerto Rico.

One of the reasons that people keep coming back is the quality of the ingredients that make up the variety of subs. Firehouse strives to serve the best cheeses, meats, and toppings, and people can tell the difference.

Firehouse Subs uses a private recipe for its sub rolls and they are overstuffed with ingredients. They also differ from other sub restaurants in that they steam the cheeses and meats, which results in enhanced flavors.

The name of the restaurants gives a nod towards firefighters, as does the décor. When you enter a Firehouse Subs shop you are reminded time and again about the work of firefighters. There are pictures all over the restaurant and even the tables have Dalmatian prints. The color red dominates the décor.

Firehouse Subs is very much involved in the community and feels that it is important to give back. It started a Public Safety Foundation in 2005 that is geared towards giving back to public safety entities.

The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation is dedicated to advancing the life-saving capabilities of not just fire departments but all emergency services, including police and EMS departments. It does so with funding, direct support, and other resources. The Foundation has donated more than $6 million in resources and equipment since it was started.

Ingredients of Firehouse Meatball Sub

The Firehouse Meatball can be found under the hot specialty subs menu. It starts with your choice of either wheat or white bread. Italian meatballs and zesty marinara are added and then provolone cheese is melted on top. It is finished off with a few dashes of Italian seasonings.

You can upgrade your sub with extra melted cheese if you prefer. The meatball sub is available in both medium and large sizes. A kosher dill pickle is served on the side.

Firehouse Meatball Experience

Although I ordered my meatball sub to go, I was able to experience the Firehouse décor, which was pretty unique. I ordered my sub on white bread and it was ready in about five minutes after I placed my order.

The toasted bread was soft and warm and the medium sub was a good size. There were five good- sized dense meatballs and you could see the specks of Italian seasoning that helped enhance their flavor. There was a good amount of marinara and the sub was nice and thick with a very good flavor.

The cheese was melted over the top of the sub and there was a nice amount of Italian spices, especially oregano, sprinkled over the cheese.

I had a bit of difficulty eating the sub with my hand, as the meatballs were pretty big and the marinara kind of dripped down the side. I ended up eating the majority of it with a fork. Overall it had a very good flavor and, although meatball subs aren’t typically my first choice, it was one of my favorite meatball sandwiches that I have tried.

I could tell that Firehouse Subs used quality ingredients in the Meatball Sub and it helped confirm as to why Firehouse Subs has become so popular. If you are looking for a hearty hot sub, check out the Firehouse Meatball.

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