TGI Friday’s Hosts “Last Friday” on 12-21-2012

The Mayan calendar’s end date in a few weeks on Dec. 21, 2012 has excited plenty of debate about the end of the world. At least one restaurant chain is betting that people will want to have a good time on the calendar’s last day instead of stockpiling rations. TGI Friday’s is hosting a “Last Friday” party at select locations nationwide on that fateful Friday.

Dedicated to celebrating the end of the work week, TGI Friday’s decided to take the next logical step and have a party for the potential end of work itself. The restaurant chain will be serving its American classics and fun cocktails along with Mayan-themed specials and festive decor to suit the occasion. In Miami, Los Angeles, Tampa, Chicago, Orlando, and Washington, D.C., DJs will get everyone in a celebratory end-of-an-era mood; in other locations, special drinks and menu items will carry the theme.

Scientists and skeptics assert that the end of the Mayan calendar is no more the end of the world than turning the last page on a yearly calendar means that life on the planet will end. The Mayans simply ran out of space on their calendar for years beyond the projected date, after which a new 5,125-year cycle would begin. Although the Mayans would undoubtedly have celebrated the end of the cycle much as the world celebrated the turn of the millennium, they didn’t predict catastrophe.

TGI Friday’s diners can likewise expect a big party when they arrive for the Last Friday celebrations. With special Mayan-inspired cocktails and dishes, the classic Friday’s menu will look even more festive.

As part of their affirmation that they expect the world to be there on Saturday, Friday’s is also serving its usual menu and freshly made Bloody Marys the next day for guests recuperating from Friday evening’s fun.

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