The 10 Most Opulent VIP Restaurant Treatments

Let’s assume for just a moment that you’re new to the VIP list and ready to spread your wings at fine dining establishments around the country. What would you expect to find in terms of VIP treatments and amenities? Believe us when we say there are lots of ways VIPs are treated differently from the rest of the dinner crowd―ways you might never have imagined.

By definition, VIPs are people who either cannot, or are not willing to, mix with the ordinary people. That means they need special treatment that takes into consideration who they are. Here is our list of the 10 most opulent VIP restaurant treatments around.

1. Chef’s Table Seating

One of the hottest things right now in VIP restaurant treatments is known as the chef’s table. This is a table located directly in the kitchen where guests can see everything that’s going on, as well as directly interact with the chef preparing their meals. Theme Park Insider mentions Victoria & Albert’s at Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Hotel as one example of a restaurant offering this service. They also offer two private dining rooms with very limited seating.

2. Custom-Designed Menus

It’s not uncommon for restaurants offering chef’s table seating to also offer a custom-designed menu for each guest. And when we say “custom-designed,” we mean all the way down to the finest details. Each guest can order exactly what he wants and how he wants it done, with very few restrictions. Some restaurants will even offer a commemorative printed menu as a reminder of what guests ordered during their visit.

3. Private Entrances and Dining Rooms

A VIP treatment doesn’t have to scream “bling” in order to be considered opulent. It need only be luxurious and lavish. To that end, Condé Nast Traveler says there are a number of D.C. restaurants with private entrances and dining spaces reserved specifically for high-ranking government officials and diplomats. You can bet the the President and First Lady rarely dine in common spaces along with their diplomatic guests.

4. Private Dinner Cruise

If you’re a VIP important enough to be treated like one, you can likely afford a private dinner cruise down the Seine River in Paris. Girls Guide to Paris says it’s no trouble booking your own private cruise with just you, your companion, the captain, and your chef. No need to worry about screaming children at the next table over because you’re the only ones on board.

5. Beachfront Dining

Thinking about getting away to an exotic locale like Mauritius or Saint Lucia? Some of the most exclusive hotels in Paradise offer beachfront dining complete with your own personal chef and views to die for. What’s more, there’s no one around but you. Nothing says romance and intrigue more than a lovely candlelight meal on a beautiful, white sand beach.

6. Dinner and a Show

If you like to combine dinner and a show, there is no shortage of theater and sports venues offering just that to exclusive VIPs. For example, New York’s Barclays Center Arena boasts a private VIP entrance, VIP parking, and an exclusive menu to guests who dine in a luxury suite while taking in a Brooklyn Nets game. And with the cost of NBA tickets these days, you know that’s not cheap.

7. Concierge Lounge

For VIPs among the cruise crowd, some of the biggest cruise lines are now offering concierge lounges where the more well-to-do passengers can go for their own private socializing and dining. There’s no need to be seated with complete strangers who may not be up to your standards when you’re a VIP. Concierge lounges include leather sofas, flat-screen TVs, a private bar, and exclusive menus.

8. Celebrity Gift Bags

Restaurants catering to celebrity VIPs are known to give away swag bags similar to what’s seen every year at the Cannes Film Festival and the Oscars. Gift bags can include everything from electronics to complimentary spa treatments. But why give celebs things they could purchase on their own? Because the stars are marketing machines.

9. Expensive Jewelry

Visitors to the DIFF’s VIP lounge in Dubai have access to some very expensive jewelry, complements of David Morris Jewelers. According to Arabian Business, however, such expensive gifts are reserved only for genuine A-listers. We wonder how high up on the list you need to be in order to qualify. Probably, if you need to wonder, then you’re not.

10. Spa Treatments

Another Dubai favorite is a selection of spa treatments being offered by the most exclusive gathering places in the Emirate. Have a glass of wine, order your meal, and then go enjoy a luxurious well-being treatment including massage and pedicure while your meal is being prepared. Who needs dull conversation when you have something like this?

The variety of VIP treatments available at the most exclusive restaurants is nearly unimaginable. If you can dream it, and you have the money to pay for it, you can get just about anything you want. The rest of us will have to be content with the drive-through window or the noisy fast casual restaurant on the other side of town.

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