Where Do I Find Popular Restaurant Recipes?

Woman Looking for Restaurant RecipesA restaurant’s most popular recipes are a heavily guarded secret. After all, if just anyone could make them, what would get them coming back to the restaurant for more? Consumers who want to recreate their favorite restaurant’s culinary masterpieces typically have to settle for second best.

Those looking to make restaurant fare in a home kitchen can search online for a recipe that is most like their beloved dining-out dish, or go directly to the source and hope for guidance. Either way, know that there are multiple ways to find detailed instructions for creating the foods you most crave, without paying restaurant prices.

Where do I find recipes from chain restaurants?

There are a wide variety of copycat recipes online for the most beloved dishes served by chain restaurants. These recipes have been crafted by major food gurus, like those at the Food Network, and have the same great taste and texture as the restaurants’ dishes, without the risk of copyright infringement.

For those less interested in scouring the Web every time they cook, there are cookbooks available that specialize in copycatting popular restaurant treats. The Everything Restaurant Recipes Cookbook by Becky Bopp has recipes for complete meals, tasting like they come straight to your kitchen from so many popular restaurants’ top chefs.

Where do I find recipes from local restaurants and five-star dining establishments?

It is harder to find a good copycat recipe for fine dining establishments, or local eateries, in part because they are part of the local culture, rather than the national culture. If the restaurant is well known, and run by a well-known chef, look and see if they have written and published a cookbook. If they have, many of your favorite recipes may already be circulating in publication.

If they have not published a cookbook, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the exact recipe. Visit the restaurant often, build a rapport with the staff, and then ask for the recipe directly. You would be surprised home many small businesses are willing to share ideas with those willing to learn. Where chain restaurants have a national brand to protect, local establishments are typically more flexible.

Finally, search online for a book or website that has the recipe. In a world where digital technology puts information at the tips of your fingers, it can never hurt to try. If other people loved the dish as much as you did, it is likely that someone has created a similar recipe for the treat. Type the name of the restaurant, the name of the dish, and the word “recipe” into a search engine, and hope for the best.

How can I make healthier versions of my favorite restaurant dishes?

Eating your favorite restaurant dishes does not have to mean adopting their unhealthy cooking habits. A variety of sources are available for copycat recipes that have been created by those who love great-tasting food, but not empty calories. These recipes are designed to eliminate unnecessary sugar, calories, carbohydrates, and fats.

Books like “Eat This Not That” offer healthy alternatives for a variety of favorite restaurant dishes. They encourage readers to enjoy the full flavors and fun dishes found in restaurant chains, while embracing the healthier lifestyle, and more budget-friendly dining practices of cooking at home.

What kinds of recipes are available online?

Have no doubt, if they can cook it in a restaurant, you can create it at home. Appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts are all within reach. There are websites dedicated to individual restaurants and favorite food types. The possibilities are staggeringly endless.

Remember, however, that only copycat recipes are available legally. While leaked copies of certain restaurant recipes may be available online, they were taken from the restaurant illegally, and someone is using them for illegal gain. Using a recipe that has been stolen from a restaurant is no different than buying pirated movies, or downloading illegal music files.

What are some specific places that I can find popular restaurant recipes?

The Culinary Arts College has created a website, featuring 100 famous restaurant recipes. While these are simply copycat recipes, they are created by those that know the field best, and are guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds when you are craving that certain something.

The Food Network also offers an impressive collection of copycat recipes. Each recipe has a picture, a description, and complete cooking instructions. Copycat recipes include dishes from Outback Steakhouse, Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Panera, and more.

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