Will a Hot Waitress Earn More in Tips?

Being a hot waitress can be beneficial, especially when it comes to tips. However, just because a waitress is hot does not guarantee them a better tip than someone who does not look as good.

Depending on the area of the country or size of the city, an average tip is considered to be 15% to 20% of the total check. In many dining establishments, 20% has become the norm. For many diners, giving a 20% tip is generous enough without feeling the need to throw in extra for someone who is hot.

There are many factors that go into tipping. There are some situations in which hot waitresses may benefit from their looks. There are other situations, however, in which their good looks can actually be detrimental. Even if a waitress is not that good-looking, there are other ways to get good tips.

Where is the Hot Waitress Working?

The business itself can make a big difference as to whether someone who is hot will get better tips than one who is not. If it is a family restaurant with a lot of kids and a more wholesome atmosphere, what the waitress looks like will probably not have as much bearing on the tip.

There are other places where waitresses who are hot tend to fare better. A bar is one place where a hot waitress may make more money than others, especially before the beer goggles start appearing and everyone looks good. Some other places where hot waitresses may make more tips include gentleman’s clubs and theme restaurants that feature more provocative women, such as Hooters and Tilted Kilt.

Who is the Person Tipping the Waitress?

If a waitress is hot, how she is tipped may depend on who is giving the tip. A male who is interested in her will probably give a better tip than if it was a more average-looking woman. The thought is perhaps that a bigger tip will help him stand out from the other guys. If you are one of these people, keep in mind that in most cases the only difference your tip will make is in her bank account.

If the person tipping is a female, the chance of a hot waitress getting a big tip goes down. In many instances the tip would be the same as it would for anyone else, especially if the waitress gave good service and was nice.

There are times, however, when the tip could be lower than normal, especially if the female leaving the tip is jealous for some reason. This may occur if the waitress has been flirting with the tipper’s boyfriend or if the boyfriend is paying more attention to the waitress than his date.

How Can an Average-Looking Waitress Earn a Good Tip?

In many dining establishments, what the waitress or waiter looks like has no bearing on the tip. Many diners actually value good service over looks. If a server gives bad service, she will often get a bad tip, no matter how hot she is.

One of the best things a waitress can do to get a good tip is to read the guests at the table. How they serve will vary from table to table and if each party is given what they want, there is a better chance that the waitress will get a higher-than-average tip.

For example, a group of business people will demand a different level of service than some other people. At lunch, they often need to be in and out quickly, so fast and efficient service is the best move. Perhaps they are conducting business while dining out. If this is the case, the waitress’s job is to serve them the food and drink that they ordered and silently address any other needs they may have, as they are not interested in idle chatter from anyone.

There may be a table that is celebrating something special such as a birthday or anniversary. A better tip will usually result if the occasion is acknowledged, extra special attention is given to the honored party, and candles are brought out with a dessert.

Some tables will appreciate extra attention from their waitress. This may be a family who is visiting the restaurant for the first time or a group of people who is out for a fun meal. In these cases, the waitress should interact more with the guests, such as sharing information about the restaurant and food or joking around with them.

Although there are some instances when a hot waitress will receive a better tip, for the most part what is important is how the guests are treated. Personality, a smile, and great service are the best approaches for good tips. Time after time, these will consistently result in bigger tips than just looking hot. Besides, hotness fades, so it is better to be a good server than just have good looks.

  1. Steve DiGioia

    Waiters will always complain that they don’t make the kind of tips that they want. But they fail to realize that only by making your guests feel special, feel as if THEIR enjoyment is YOUR primary concern, will you make the big tips. All else is not important.

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