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If there's one thing that Hawaii restaurants are famous for, it's fresh seafood. Besides the fact that the Hawaiian Island drift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by seafood on all sides, its cuisine has been heavily influenced by the many seafaring people who have come to settle there. Chinese, Filipino and Japanese settlers have all made Hawaii their home, bringing with them their own unique takes on seafood preparation. Due to the heavy influence of Asian cultures within Hawaii, rice is also a staple in common Hawaiian cuisine. Well before Asian and European settlers came to Hawaii, the Hawaiian descendants of the original Polynesian settlers had their own unique cuisine that included not only seafood, but also pork, chicken, taro root, coconut and sugarcane. Few of these animal and plant species were native to Hawaii, meaning that the Polynesian settlers brought most of these foods with them. Today's Hawaii restaurants serve an interesting fusion of American, Asian and traditional Hawaiian foods.

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