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Restaurants.com is an ultra-fast, relevant, accurate, and user friendly restaurants metasearch engine, delivering a unique cross-platform experience.

We believe researching for good
restaurants in any city takes too much time. We want to save users time by:

  1. Showing the best restaurants based on individual rankings and/or combined rankings
    from the leading ranking platforms in the world.
  2. Review information, ratings and user reviews to help them find the best restaurants in
    locations across the US.

Our goal is to find the best restaurants

We implemented
our own rating system

Our own rating system takes into consideration previous customers
and restaurant experts. Our rating is compiled taking into consideration:

  • User feedback
  • Ratings from leading third-party sites
  • Restaurant popularity
  • Awards or mentions in Elite Restaurant Guides

The best restaurants in
one place

Restaurants.com also features Restaurants in top lists, carefully chosen to show the best Restaurants in specific locations based on Cuisine Type, restaurant moods and restaurant options available.

One seamless experience in
any device

Whether you are on the go or researching for the best option, our platform delivers search results to any device in any location.

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